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A little about me:

My name is Lesley and I have always had a love of animals especially cats and I always felt that they were for the most part forgotten about especially when it came to behavioural problems.

There are plenty of people out there to help with dog training and with dog problems but there is very little help available when it came to cats. I have always had an interest in how cats behave and why they do what they do. 

As a young girl I use sit for hours outside, watching the local feral cats interact with each other, I would watch and see how they greeted each other and how the females would look after each others kittens, when one of the mothers had to go off to hunt. Even how they would help each other to drive off any undesirable cats that they thought were a threat to their kittens.


tabby cat

I would let them get use to my presence and feed them, so that eventually they would become accustomed to me and let me approach. When something that is feral lets you into their circle it is a very special thing. This meant that it was less traumatic when I caught them to have them neutered as they trusted me and even when they returned home they kept that trust in me. 

I have worked for the past 12 years as a veterinary nurse and with my understanding of the feline species, I have been able to help many cats both pet and feral alike. I have always treated the cats I work with as if they were my own, as I feel that any cat that is loved at home needs to feel that it is loved and that it can trust someone when put into unfamiliar surrounding, such as a veterinary hospital or clinic.

Over this12 year period I have hand reared nearly forty kittens, some were as young as 1 day old when they were brought into me. It was always a labour of love for me even those nights that I had to wake up for 2 hourly feeds.

mini cat

I currently live in West Cork, Ireland and have 14 cats (and 2 dogs) that live with me. When I leave one room they all get up in mass and follow me. They all get on well together even though they are not related or even the same age. The youngest is 8 months and the oldest is nearly 20 years old. I have both males and females and all are neutered. 

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