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Cat Problems Solved – How It All Works

What most people want to know is – how  it all works?

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So here follow details of how it all works:

Once you have contacted me, I will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out with as much detail and with as much history as you can give. (The more information you give me the quicker I can help to solve the problem so that you and your cat can live in happiness again.)

Once I have received your returned questionnaire, I will then take some time to read through and analyse your cat’s history. I will work out a personal solution for your problem and advise you how best to deal with it.

A house visit may be required for some problems and for me to get to know your cat (applicable if you live locally in Ireland.) I can also use video to observe your cat’s body language and behaviour and see how your cat interacts with you and your household.

There will be follow up contact to ensure that the solutions are working for both you and your cat.

Some problems may require some weeks or even months to rectify but I can not stress strongly enough, that the more information you can give me, the more it will greatly reduce the amount of time spent in solving your cat’s problem.

Please contact me to ask for a questionnaire and to ask for further details about how it all works.



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