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Lesley Stinson worked for me as a veterinary nurse from January 2000 until April 2006 when I was the owner of Terenure Veterinary Hospital, Dublin and again from April 2009 to February 2012 at The Cat Hospital, Glanmire, Cork. During her time working for me Lesley has proved herself to be completely devoted to animals and their care.  She has a natural empathy with animals and attends with diligence and gentleness to their needs.  Lesley is loyal and honest and trustworthy. Lesley has a deep personal interest in animal behaviour.  Lesley has a natural empathy with cats and having worked in The Cat Hospital for nearly 3 years she has immense experience in nursing this challenging and intriguing animal.  Lesley has read and researched intensively in Feline behaviour and has many years experience advising owners on their cat’s behaviour issues.  The feedback from owners has been excellent after Lesley has advised them on behaviour issues. Clare Meade MVB  6th February 2012


Lesley has helped me with numerous cat problems over the years. She is very knowledgeable about cat behaviour and has a great affinity with animals and especially with cats, it is wonderful to see the way Lesley interracts with them. I thorougly recommend Lesley and her work. I have never encountered anyone with such a great empathy, understanding and love of cats. Gillian Knebel Cat Lover with 8 cats, Ireland Feb 2012

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