benefits of an automatic cat litter box

10 Benefits Of An Automatic Cat Litter Box

If you’re looking to buy an automatic cat litter box, the good news is, it has a lot of benefits you will start to appreciate once your cat loves it, too. An automatic litter box can do a lot of things that a regular litter box can’t do, but ultimately, it is your cat that will decide if it’s worth using.

An automatic or self-cleaning cat litter box is different from an ordinary one. First of all, it has a built-in sensor that detects your cat’s presence. Once your cat is finished with her business, it will start scooping or separate the feces from the litter, and will dump in another bin. Your job now is to dispose of the bag so all your cat’s feces will not add up.

From the looks of it, having an automatic cat litter box seems way more beneficial and helpful, unlike a regular litter box. But how and why?

10 Benefits Of An Automatic Cat Litter Box

  1. It reduces your time scooping. When you own a regular litter box, then you know what a chore it was to scoop your cat’s feces after everytime she takes a poop. It can be tiring, not to mention gross. But with an automatic litter box at your side, you will not need to scoop your cat’s feces each time because it does the job for you. Basically an automatic cat litter box is a machine that separates the cat poop from the litter, then dumps it in a bin which you can throw away later.
  2. You don’t need to scoop the cat’s feces all the time. This is in correlation with #1. Thing is, unless you wear a face mask, inhaling cat feces and urines is dangerous to your health because it has ammonia, other types of bacteria and other pathogens. But with an automatic litter box, you can skip days throwing the bin with the poop, even if you don’t want to, so you get little exposure to the harmful elements in your cat poop.
  3. No more filthy-smelling home. An automatic cat litter box has a hood that covers the litter with the poop and the urine, so even as it scoops out the mess, you won’t get to smell it. And because the self-cleaning litter box cleans up the cat’s excrements after every use, you won’t worry about how it smells.
  4. It’s now easier for you to dispose of the wastes. As mentioned on #1, the self-cleaning litter box does the job of scooping up the cat wastes for you. If you’ve had a cat litter box, you know how tiring it is to scoop up the cat feces, and throw it away. But with an automatic, self-cleaning litter box, you are saved the effort to scoop up the wastes. It dumps the feces in another bin, and all you have to do is throw it away.
  5. Cats are picky to cleanliness – so she might like using the automatic cat litter box. Cats are super hygienic animals, who like to lick themselves to keep themselves clean. So it’s a given that cats will not like to do their business in a dirty litter box. An automatic cat litter box cleans up the mess each time your cat is finished, so you have no problem about its cleanliness. With a clean automatic cat litter box, it entices your cat to use it.
  6. It helps you save some litter. Due to its machine, an automatic cat litter box accurately separates the feces from the litter. With a regular litter box, scooping up the feces is not only tiresome, it’s also guesswork. The latter leads to buying more litter because some of it gets scooped up, too. While an automatic litter box is quite expensive, it will save you more time in the long run because it helps you save a lot of cat litter.
  7. It plays up to your cat’s natural instincts and hygiene. We all know that cats like to clean themselves, and are very particular and meticulous with their litter box or where they eliminate. Having a regular litterbox that isn’t clean, obviously, is a huge no-no for your feline friend. But an automatic litter box, on the other hand, is much cleaner because it scoops up the cat feces and dumps it into a separate compartment, so you don’t have to. How neat is that? Because of this mechanism, your cat will not have a problem using the automatic cat litter box due to how this works!
  8. It allows you to have a prolonged stay away from home without worrying about your cat’s bathroom habits. Any cat parent will not stop thinking about their cats once they’re away from home. With a regular litter box, you have to clean it up so your cat uses it over and over. So how can you clean it if you’re away? That’s why an automatic cat litter box is such a huge upgrade that does nearly all the cleaning for you, even when you’re away.
  9. Saves you time and effort. If you’ve been reading this article so far, you know that the automatic litter box can do so many wonderful things for you and your feline friend. But if we’re going to sum it all up, the self-cleaning litter box can save you so much time and effort. It saves you time because you don’t have to scoop up each time your cat is finished, and you don’t have to clean up the litter box each time it’s used because it takes care of itself. So, what else are you asking for?
  10. It works for years to come. Many cat parents complaint he steep price tag that comes with the automatic cat litter box, but if you count every benefit you will get from using it, you will realize the value is worth the price. So much so, in fact, that it has the capability to last for years to come. Now, imagine the number of regular cat litter boxes you would buy next year, in two years, or even in 3 years, and you will know that the money spent did not go to waste. It’s even more true especially if you have multiple cats at home. having a self-cleaning litter box will save you so much time and effort, the high price is worth more than you can get from it.

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