Pretty Litter: Probably The Best Cat Litter In The World – A Review

I know exactly how hard it is to deal with cat litter. I mean, imagine the mind-wrecking process of choosing the right brand, the icky routine of having to scoop the dirty litter every single day, and the disgusting, filthy smell coming from your cat’s litter box. Not fair, isn’t it? We cat parents deal with all of that, and so much more. All because we love our cats.

But what if I tell you that there’s a cat litter out there that your cat will definitely love, that does not require any daily scooping and most of all, that will not smell any gross? You’d be skeptical, right?

I won’t blame you one bit because that’s what I thought, too. But what I will introduce to you is something that thousands of cat parents have already used and swear by.

Introducing… Pretty Litter!

Pretty Litter

Okay, so what on earth is Pretty Litter? And, does it really live up to its name?


Pretty Litter, according to its maker, is the world’s smartest cat litter – mainly because it detects your cat’s potential health problems before they even get worse. And you know what it means if something’s detected early, right? It means your cat’s life will be saved and you’ll have less expensive trips to the vet.

It Detects Health Issues… Really?

Yes, really. I didn’t believe that at first, either. But when the litter changed into a different color, I had a clearer understanding of my cat’s health.

Being the world’s smartest cat litter, it will change color automatically when it sees a health problem your feline friend may be having – thanks to your cat’s Ph level in their urine. Since cats naturally hide their health problem, this is a lifesaver.

Main Benefits

But the good things don’t just end there. Pretty Litter is made of silica gel but is much better than your ordinary litter. It has an advanced formula so it doesn’t clump at the bottom of the cat litter box. And because it doesn’t clump, it is lightweight and so you’ll need less.

More importantly, it doesn’t smell. Whenever I came home, the first thing I would notice was the strong, foul odor from my cat’s litter box. But it took a day before I realized my cat’s litter box didn’t smell anymore. It was so absorbent, yet it never smelled of poop or urine so there’s no need to worry even if you miss disposing of the litter days later.

It has less dusts and causes less mess. While my cat used to walk around with litter foot prints, with Pretty Litter it was no longer the case at all. It doesn’t harden unlike other litter and it is easier to clean.

Other Things To Note

If you’re interested in ordering, they will ask first how many cats you have. They will compute how much you need which is way less than all the commercial litter you used to use. They offer free shipping and every bag you order lasts a month.

If you want a monthly subscription, you can arrange for that as well. No need to buy from a retail store!

Parting Words

If you’re having a hard time choosing the best cat litter that is worthy of your bucks, give Pretty Litter a try. I know you’re pretty skeptical, and believe me, I was a huge skeptic, too. But I was tired of trying random litter brands and I was convinced by a reviews and testimonials for this product. So, I was glad I did. The good news is, Pretty Litter won’t cost you a hundred bucks, and costs way less than the commercial ones.

If you’re still thinking this over, just remember they offer a 30-day free trial so you can get your money back anytime. For me, Pretty Litter checks all the boxes I’m looking for in a cat litter.

Cleanliness… Check

Non-clumping and odorless… Check

Less dusts and mess…. Check

Lesser price with monthly supply at my door… Check

So go buy now and see for yourself just how incredible Pretty Litter is to you and your feline friend.

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