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Where To Put Cat Litter Boxes At Home

Having a cat means having a lifetime companion that will give you unconditional love. On the other hand, it also means to be attentive to their needs so they could live a happy, stress-free life. When you have a cat, you know how stressful it is to teach her how to use the litter box. Once you taught her how, the battle doesn’t end there. You know you still have to put it in the right place so your cat will eliminate properly.

You just can’t place the litter box anywhere and expect your feline friend to do her business there. Like it or not, you must think which areas in your home make the best candidate so your cat feels comfortable. If you don’t put it in the right area, all your efforts of teaching her how to use the litter box will go to waste. On top of that, the money you spent on those litter boxes will go down the drain as well.

So how do you determine where you should put the litter box? Where in your home do you place that?

The Rules

When cats eliminate, they are vulnerable. Since they are predatory animals, they don’t want any other threats to be around so they need to be alone and be in a place where they feel safe.

When buying a litter box, the rule is, buy one for peeing and another one for pooping. Put them in separate areas because your cats will mistake them as one.

Factors For Choosing The Best Places Where To Put The Cat Litter Box

1. Quiet: Your cat must be in a quiet place so she could easily feel comfortable doing her thing. That means, no loud noises that would startle her and no buzzing sounds that would stun her while she’s doing it. We suggest you put the litter box away from the laundry room especially because the loud sounds of the washing machine might terrify her. That would also mean you should think twice about putting it in the kitchen where all sorts of cooking appliances could be heard. This is why some cats are terrified to use automatic litter boxes because they make a sound, which could discourage her from using.

2. Where your cat likes to hang out: Where your cat frequents is a sign where your cat is likely to eliminate. This establishes familiarity. Since she likes hanging out there, she definitely knows how to get there and she’s likely comfortable being there. So, watch your cat and know where she goes to often to get an idea on what kind of place she likes.

3. Private: As mentioned, it’s important for cats to eliminate somewhere that she can be alone so she would not feel under any threat. Cats are natural predators and you would not get rid of that instinct out of them. At the same time, she doesn’t want to feel trapped either which explains why a lot of cats don’t want to be stuck in a hooded litter box because it might be difficult for them to get in and out of easily. A guest bedroom, guest bathroom and even your own bathroom are good choices to consider because those areas offer privacy and comfort for your cats.

4. Low traffic: A low traffic place is one that doesn’t have a lot of people. Somewhere less crowded is an ideal place for cast to eliminate. If you have kids playing in the living room, it could be hard to find a good place where your particular cat can peacefully do her thing. You could install a screen two separate an area where you can put the litter box. You can also place it behind your potted plant. A cat litter box furniture is also a good idea since it blends well with the house decor while she has her own privacy.

5. Easy access: This one is a no-brainer. You definitely want to easily go to your own that you especially if your bladder won’t make it. The same goes with your cat. She definitely wants to get to her bathroom fast or else she will pee elsewhere. Now, some cats have difficulty accessing their own litter box because of their health. This is true for senior cats whose bodies are now aging. They could be having mobility issues due to their joint and bone problems, so getting in and out of the litter box is hard. Some cats with vision and hearing loss and cognitive decline will have a hard time going to their litter box as well because they would still have to navigate their way around which might be troublesome.

A good way to solve this issue is by putting it on the first floor of your house. It should not be on the higher floor or she will have to climb the stairs which would cause problems on her body. Don’t forget to install a cat door so she could get inside the room where the litter box is, even in case the door is shut. Some family members might forget to keep the door open and your cat will eliminate elsewhere if she doesn’t get to the litter box in time.

6. Well-lighted: A well-lighted area is something your cat would like to go to. Nobody wants to go to a dark bathroom. Not even you. You can’t expect your cat to go to her litter box is she can’t see the place properly, and if she feels she’s in danger. If you want to put the light on, install some night light where the litter box is, or at least put the litter box where the area is well-illuminated. We suggest an open balcony where the lights are on so your cat can perfectly see. If the litter box is in a closet, install some light bulbs inside witch automatically lights up when it senses your cats presence. Don’t make them go to the basement or attic where it’s dark.

7. Far from the food and water bowls: Your cat is particular with cleanliness to a point she will not do certain things if some conditions are not met. For example, cats will not eat right where they poop so put the food and water bowls a little far away. If your cat will eat in the kitchen, place her litter box in the bathroom.

8. Clean: needless to say your cat’s litter box must be clean so your feline friend will use it. Scoop out the dirty litter and the waste each time she uses it and clean the litter box well everyday.

9. Not out of the way: Some cat parents feel they should put the litter box someplace nobody could see. In this instance, it doesn’t pay to have it out of your sight and out of your mind. This should not happen at all. If you put the litter box somewhere far out of her reach, even your cat will have a hard time accessing her litter box.

Worst Places To Put The Cat Litter Box

1. Laundry room
2. Wash room
3. Kitchen
4. Kids’ play pen

Best Places To Put The Cat Litter Box

1. Balcony
2. Bathroom
3. Guest bathroom
4. Rarely used closet
5. Hallways
6. Bedroom
7. Guest bedroom


1. Do make sure the litter box for peeing and pooping are separate.

2. If you have a senior cat, do watch out for her health and determine the underlying cause behind her inability to use the litter box. If the root cause is a health problem, bring her to the vet for proper medical treatment.

3. If you have a problem with litter tracking, to minimize the problem, use a litter box that focuses on less litter mess.

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